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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
family; but being in the King's power to give to which sister in equal claim he pleased, it was bestowed on Lord Clinton, who descended from the younger sister of Lady W.'s grandmother or great-grand-something. My Lady Clifford9 (Coke's mother) got her barony so, in preference to Lady Salisbury10 and Lady Sondes11, her elder sisters, who had already titles for their children. It is called a title in abeyance.
Sir Robert has just bid me tell you to send the Domini-chin by the first safe conveyance to Matthews, who has had orders from Lord Winchelsea to send it by the first man-of-war to England; or, if you meet with a ship going to Port Mahon, then you must send it thither to Anstruther12, and write to him that Lord Orford desires he will take care of it, and send it by the first ship that comes directly home. He is so impatient for it that he will have it thus ; but I own I should not like having my things jumbled out of one ship into another, and rather beg mine may stay till they can come at once. Adieu !
106.   To HORACE MANN.
Arlington Street, Jan. 27, 1743.
I COULD not write to you last Thursday, I was so much out of order with a cold; your brother came and found me in bed. To-night, that I can write, I have nothing to tell you; except that yesterday the welcome news (to the ministry) came of the accession of the Dutch to the King's
3 Lady Margaret Tufton (1700-1775), Baroness Level, Countess of Leicester, and suo jure Baroness de Clifford; m. (1718) Thomas Coke of Hplkham, afterwards Baron Lovel, Viscount Coke, and Earl of Leicester.
10 Lady Anne Tufton, second daughter of sixth Earl of Thanet; m. (1709) James Cecil, fifth Earl of
Salisbury; d. 1757.
11  Lady Catherine Tufton, eldest daughter of sixth Earl of Thanet; m. (1708) Edward Watson, Viscount Sondes, eldest son of third Earl of Eockingham; d. 1734.
12  Lieutenant-G-eneral Philip Anstruther  (of Airdrie),  member   for Anstruther in five Parliaments.